The industry leader in epoxy stone flooring, NATURE STONE® is finally available to contractors nationwide.


Conventional floor coverings simply aren’t suitable for concrete floors. By its very nature, concrete is porous and damp. Water, moisture and dampness migrate upward from the ground, working their way through the concrete.

When you resurface a client's concrete floor with carpeting, tile, paint and other coatings, the moisture has nowhere to go and becomes trapped.

  • Carpeting gets damp and begins to breed mold and mildew that give off an unpleasant odor.
  • Tiles loosen, crack and pop up.
  • Paint and coatings blister and peel.

This (among other reasons) is why contractors frequently have to replace and re-apply these types of concrete floor coverings. This leaves your clients more than dissatisfied, and certainly unwilling to give referrals.

You've probably considered or worked with some form of epoxy stone flooring, but even most of those don't truly get the job done.

The real solution is one that will leave your clients thrilled with their beautiful, durable new garage, basement, or patio floor.

That solution is NATURE STONE® Brand Flooring.

Since 1989, Nature Stone® flooring has been expertly installed in more than 60,000 homes covering 30 million square feet.

Nature Stone® is a uniquely durable blend of stone and specially formulated epoxy that is applied directly over existing concrete floors. The result is a new floor overlay that immediately transforms cracked, uneven, discolored and stained concrete into a beautiful stone floor.

  • Simple and easy to install; in most cases, you can tell your clients their installation will be done in one day
  • Virtually maintenance-free; cleans easily with vacuum, hose or mop
  • Skid and slip-resistant
  • Corrects puddling, low spots, and uneven areas
  • Hides chipped, cracked, and stained concrete
  • Does not trap moisture, thanks to our proprietary HYDROSTATIC PORTS® Technology
  • Will not breed mold or mildew-perfect for wet, damp or flood-prone areas
  • Comfortable to walk on – even in bare feet
  • Environmentally friendly 

Want to know more?

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